My Badge: Hubspot Social Media Certified

Feels Accomplished..!!! Its good to see a certificate of accomplishments. Remind me of the first time I was called on the school stage to collect one. With Hubspot Social Media Certification I feel the same.

Meghna Negi - HubSpot Academy - Social Media Certification
Meghna Negi – HubSpot Academy – Social Media Certification
Being into digital marketing for almost 8 years now and working with startups from grounds-up level, I have seen businesses achieve phenomenal success through active inbound strategies. Personalization of the communication is crucial and I have adopted it as part of the digital strategy that I plan out with my clients.
Social Media has been key for startups to gain momentum. The social media certification course I undertook with Hubspot academy covered
  • Social media strategy
  • Social listening and moderating
  • Creating a social content strategy
  • Extending your reach with user-generated content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social customer service
  • Social selling
  • Digital advertising
  • Measuring ROI
  • Governance and risk, and so much more

My aim was to dig deep into the strategies, brush up with basics and also be updated with the current trends of social media. And Hubspot proved to be the right platform. It can be used by everyone and at any stage of career, so just try it out.

Here is my new badge that I am relishing at the moment 

My Badge HubSpot Academy - Social Media Certified Ba

My Badge HubSpot Academy – Social Media Certified Badge
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